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The Network Research and Special Projects Unit was established in October 2003 to facilitate collaboration between the departments of Computing and ISS in the area of networking. A primary objective is to build upon the extensive research experience within Computing and the regional infrastructure deployed by ISS, in order to raise the profile of networking research at Lancaster.

The remit of the unit includes the following aspects:

  • Bridging research and the regional ICT infrastructure
    • Move research out of the lab environment and into the community!
  • Identify opportunities for funding innovative projects from non-traditional sources
    • Respond to demands for regeneration in the region
    • Responsive / Flexible / Reactive
  • Support the development of networking and network applications within the University and wider region
  • Leverage the expertise at Lancaster in networking research and regional network provision
  • Provide a platform for piloting new ideas to schools and the wider community


The NRSP unit consists of the following members:

Dr. Nicholas Race

Dr Nick Race Nicholas graduated from Lancaster University in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science. Following this, he joined the Distributed Multimedia Research Group as a research student. During his time with the group, he has worked on a number of European projects, including CoBrow, Eurescom P702 and PeterPan (Provision of an Enhanced Transport by Exploiting Reservation in IP and ATM Networks). The Eurescom P702 and PeterPan projects both examined various issues concerning the integration of IP and ATM technologies, with particular focus on the use of IPv6.

He was awarded his PhD in November 2000, which investigated how multimedia caching techniques could be used to support the delivery of continuous media. He is now employed as a research lecturer, teaching CSc 211/212 (Computer Networks) and working on the MISRL (Mobile IPv6 Systems Research Lab) project.

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Dr. Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell Keith graduated from Lancaster University in 1997 with a degree in Computer Science with Software engineering. He then joined the Distributed Multimedia Research Group as a Research Associate and worked initially on the GUIDE Project. Following his work on GUIDE, Keith was then responsible for managing the Real Tornament applications development as part of the industrially sponsored Mobile IPv6 Systems Research Lab (known internally as the Testbed project). The Testbed project was carried out in collaboration with Cisco Systems, Microsoft Research and Orange.

He was awarded his PhD (Supporting The Development of Mobile Context-Aware Systems)in March 2002 for his research into supporting the development of mobile context-aware applications. His research interests fall broadly into the areas of human-computer interaction, context-aware computing, mobile and ubiquitous computing and wireless overlay networks.

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