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Accessibility and Site information

This site has been designed to be as accessible as possible. By separating the content from the presentation using CSS and XHTML it will enable a wide range of computing platforms to access the site and ultimately be device independent.

The site validates to W3C published CSS and XHTML 1.0 guidelines and passes Level Double-A of the W3C-WAI Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Visitors can check for valid XHTML page conformance by clicking on the XHTML link at the bottom of each page.


Any CSS standards compliant browser will display the site as intended. The site should render in older browsers but results - whilst still remaining usable - may vary.

The site has been tested on PC and Macintosh platforms using the following browsers:

  • PC - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 6; Netscape 7; Opera 6, 7; Mozilla 1.x; Lynx;
  • Macintosh - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2; Mozilla; Safari; Camino;
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This site has implemented the following accesskeys to aid people using screen readers.

  • s - Skip past navigation to the main content of the page
  • i - Takes you the site information page (this one)
  • 1 - Links to the NRSP home page
  • 2 - Links to the about page
  • 4 - Links to the research page
  • 5 - Links to the projects page
  • 6 - Links to the contact page

Accesskeys are usable in the most popular browsers, typically accessed by holding down the Alt key and the required letter or number of the accesskey. In some browsers (such as Internet Explorer) you may need to press the Return key to activate the link.

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A collaborative venture between the Computing Department and Information Systems Services (ISS) at Lancaster University

Local Loop Unbundling

PTO license gives the University the ability to install equipment at BT exchanges, and operate services across the copper wire into schools, businesses and residential homes.

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